Maths Practice Book 0

Panthaki Yasmin

Price                                                     :    95.00

ISBN                                                     :   978-81-7370-251-8

Pages                                                   :   30

Binding                                                 :   Paperback

Book Size                                             :   180 x 240 mm

Year                                                      :   2007

Territorial Rights                                :   World

The revised maths practice, a seven-book series, is designed to supplement a variety of maths textbooks by providing practice exercises for reinforcement and extension. The emphasis of the revised series is still to provide maximum practice in the four basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but it also covers other important topics taught at the primary school level - place-value, money, metric system, decimals, percentage, average, profit and loss, simple interest, unitary method, geometry and algebra. The improved format of the books are more attractive and user-friendly, to enable students to work out the sums in the books itself. The exercises are graded and updated to satisfy and supplement the present day classroom requirements. The series of tests at the end of the books are designed to test both conceptual skills and operational skills. The mind games in books 4 and 5 are meant to enrich the exercises and break the monotony.

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