New English Junction Coursebook 1

Dr Samson Thomas,Shefali Bakshi and S S Nathan

Price                                                     :    298.00

ISBN                                                     :   978-81-7370-458-1

Pages                                                   :   108

Binding                                                 :   Paperback

Book Size                                             :   216 x 280 mm

Year                                                      :   2016

Territorial Rights                                :   World

New English Junction is a dynamic and complete course that facilitates competent and effective communication in English. 

• topical and relevant CCE-powered content, in line with NCF

• well-planned language skill development and literary appreciation 

• a clear, graded syllabus for concepts in grammar, vocabulary and writing

• emphasis on fluency and accuracy aspects of English 

• content-linked, effective audio support and digital enhancement 

• optimum scope for interactive work in the classroom 

• enrichment with higher order thinking skills, research, project work and life skills

• ample practice for Formative and Summative Assessments 

• integrated value-based questions to develop personal, family and national values 

• focus on multiple intelligences to foster creative and critical abilities
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