Sangam Atlas Pratiyogee Pareekshaon ke liye (Hindi)


Price                                                     :    250.00

ISBN                                                     :   9789388189187

Pages                                                   :   124

Binding                                                 :   Paperback

Book Size                                             :   216 x 280 mm

Year                                                      :   2019

Territorial Rights                                :   World

Sangam Atlas Pratiyogee Pareekshaon ke liye is the Hindi version of  The Orient BlackSwan Atlas for Competitive Exams published by us. 

Sangam Atlas Pratiyogee Pareekshaon ke liye brings the world closer to us through its completely updated maps and graphical representation of facts, in the form of pie-charts and histograms. These authoritative maps cover various physical and political themes relevant to India and the continents of the world. This Atlas has been specially designed for students preparing for competitive examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Key features:

India-Specific Features

  • Detailed maps of all the states and union territories of India
  • A special map of India depicting natural disasters, flood- and drought-prone areas and paths of cyclonic storms
  • A special map of India showing rich cultural and natural heritage sites
  • Three-dimensional histograms and pie-graphs giving the latest statistical data for the various states and union territories
  • Maps of India showing soil degradation, ground and river water quality, inland waterways, access to water, milk production, health and religions
  • Maps of India showing population, density of population, literacy and sex ratio based on the 2011 census data
  • A map of India showing the different types of universities / institutions in the country
  • A unique map of India on space science, with a list of satellites launched since 1975

 World Maps

  • A special map showing the geographic extremes of India and the World
  • A special map of the SAARC nations
  • Historical maps that introduce the student to social changes in India and the world
  • World maps showing drainage basins, forest cover, agricultural regions, industrial regions, cultural realms and languages
  • A special map of the world depicting the age of the earth’s crust, tectonics, tsunamis, earthquakes.

 Competitive Exam-Oriented Features

  • For UPSC, State Public Service Commissions and other competitive exams
  • Dual index of around 7500 entries, including the most recent changes in India and the world
  • A question bank patterned on previous years’ question papers of competitive exams conducted by the UPSC, with answers locators
  • A separate set of answer keys to all questions

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