Investigating Mathematics Class 1

Feiyola Fernando

Price                                                     :    110.00

ISBN                                                     :   978-81-7370-220-4

Pages                                                   :   144

Binding                                                 :   Paperback

Book Size                                             :   216 x 280 mm

Year                                                      :   2006

Territorial Rights                                :   World

Investigating Mathematics is a set of books for the primary level, based on the new Tamil Nadu Matriculation syllabus. The hallmark of the series is the step-by-step methodology used. Each major concept is broken down into several sub-concepts which are dealt with one at a time. Each step is followed by exercises, to ensure that the children thoroughly understand one sub-concept before moving on to the next. Examples from everyday life are used to introduce concepts. In the more difficult topics, the technique of guided learning is used by giving semi-solved examples in addition to solved examples. To Prpare the children for examinations, test papers are interpersed within the text. A test paper on the full course is also given at the end.

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