English-i Literary Reader 3

Team of editors

Price                                                     :    105.00

ISBN                                                     :   978-81-7370-416-1

Pages                                                   :   72

Binding                                                 :   Paperback

Book Size                                             :   140 x 216 mm

Year                                                      :   2014

Territorial Rights                                :   World

These books are designed to meet the requirements of a three-book package for CBSE schools. They aim to motivate students to read more and to enjoy and appreciate what they read.    
These books include

  • classic and contemporary prose texts and poems
  • a play at each level
  • wide variety of rich and engaging texts from all over the world
  • covers different genres such as mythology, fantasy, legend, folklore, humour, science fiction, crime fiction, autobiography, etc
  • on page glossary—a rich source of new words and expressions and the meanings they convey
  • author notes, comprehension questions, questions on literary appreciation with emphasis on analysis and HOTS
  • creative response tasks like role-play, writing in character, representing an aspect of the story through dance or dramatic enactment
  • attractive page layout and cover design
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